Mystic Reflections with Hempress Sativa

Kerida Chaka Johnson aka Hempress Sativa, followed in the path of her father, Albert “Ilawi” Johnson’s (original selector for Jah Love Muzik) musical footsteps to become a singer/songwriter. However, she’s clearly her own entity, with a deeply spiritual mind and focus.   More After The Jump…

 “My dad influenced my music by first having such passion and love for what he does. He played an integral part in me having such respect for the art. He introduced me foremost to the sounds of music, then handed me the mic and with the divine inspiration it transformed my life.”Hempress Sativa

In her first song, “Judgement,” Hempress Sativa prees the livity of Rastafari with strong vocals and a rap interlude:

Judgement was recorded on my dad’s rendition of Bunny Wailer’s Armageddon.  It was the very first song I wrote. Writing that song was a mystical experience where I just heard the lyrics being sung in my head as if I knew it, before I actually knew it’‘- Hempress Sativa

No more illusions Rastafari is real!

Converting the chorus of The Fugees song,  ”Fu-gee-la” (1996) to “Ooh La La La the Weed Thing. ”  The song, titled after the chorus, advocates for the decriminalization of marijuana.

The Fugees are lyrically ill, especially Ms L. Boogie, Lauryn Hill!  I love her style, confidence, versatility to rap and sing, still remaining feminine, still able to compete with the male counterparts and most of all her word sound, is absolutely powerful! This song was a great way to pay tribute and speak to the fact that Marijuana is a  entheogenic plant; it is the healing of the nation spiritually, economically and medicinally! This is a Marijuana anthem.”-Hempress Sativa

“Kushite Love” is a lovers’ rock track with Gwen Stefani-like, baby, soft and hypnotic vocals on the chorus. Hempress Sativa shows vocal versatility on her latest track about finding one’s perfect match and soul mate.

 “Kushite Love expresses the spiritual aspect of intimacy. That when a man and woman connect it ought to be more than just sex, but more of one sharing him or herself on a deeper level where we connect and create lasting unions,  where we impart energies, where we become one. I am a Black Wombman in love with a Black Skin King promoting Black Love, Black Unity, Black Family for we are a sacred race. It wasn’t written for anyone in particular just a representation of what I envision that moment to be…when I find that blessed love.”Hempress Sativa.


The mesmerizing beat of “Kushite Love” was produced by Craig Thelwell of Unite The Heart (UTH)  Music and the video was directed by Kerro Mac.

“Essence of the moon rise, through the room light, set the mood right for intimate love sessions to begin.”

Hempress Sativa raps confidently about her faith in the song, “Jah Have Me Back. “Haile Selassie I ‘s speech, is audible in Amharic, as the tune is introduced:

“This is the ultimatum, presented to us,  secure the conditions whereby men will entrust their security to a larger entity or risk annihilation…”Haile Selassie I

“Jah Have Me Back” also includes a rap interlude by the artist, Infinite.

Hempress Sativa is on a musical mission to enlighten others about her passion for music and her commitment to Jah Rastafari.  Hempress Sativa music  is available on iTunes:

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