Top 10 Johnny Osbourne Selections

The cold frost of winter, makes for the perfect season, for hot chocolate in the form of 10 decadent songs  from the living legend, Johnny Osbourne.  With a career that spans over 50 years, and music still in high demand, “The Godfather of Dancehall” created a plethora of songs for music lovers to indulge in. More After The Jump…

In an interview conducted by Rich Lowe, Johnny Osbourne discusses the inspiration behind 5 of his top songs,  “Budy Bye,”  “Right Track,” “Hill & Gully Rider,”  “In the Area” and “Ice Cream Love.” He explains that most of his songs come from a divine place and when he focuses on the riddim,  it directs him: ” I hear the riddim and the riddim tells me what to sing. ”  In the song “Ice Cream Love, ” produced by Henry “Junjo” Lawes, he reasons, “if you give me a love thats like ice cream, it’s gonna melt” and  ” my love is warmer than chocolate fudge.”

“Ice Cream Love” is number one on the Boomshots Magazine, “Johnny Osbourne Hot 10” Playlist. The other 9 songs on this playlist, are blazing hot tunes by this artist. The  deep lyrics of these songs, remind us that even though its cold outside, to stay warm.

Johnny Osbourne “Hot 10” Playlist

1. Ice Cream Love

2. In Your Eyes

3. Reasons

4. You Sexy Thing

5. No Lollipop No Sweet So

6. Love So Strong

7. Play, Play Girl

8. Come Back Darling

9. Fire, Fire

10. Water Pumping


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