I-Shawna Sting Interview: “Which Can You Do Better, Cook Or Quint?”

Right After Shelling Down Sting, The Princess of the Dancehall Chats With Reshma B

The Princess of the Dancehall has had one hell of year—ever since she dropped that counteraction to Chris Brown’s “Loyal” we’ve had a feeling there might be some trouble on the homefront. Now of course it’s well known that her 9-year relationship with selector and rpoducer Foota Hype is over, and the ensuing media frenzy—complete with sordid allegations on both sides—had the Internets ablaze last year. Meanwhile The Princess of the Dancehall’s music career has thrived on the controversy, getting hotter than ever. Shortly after shelling down Sting 2014, I-Shawn told Reshma B that 2014 was “the worst year and the best year of my life.” The Princess of the Dancehall also answers the burning question: Can she quint better than she cooks? (And judging by her Sting performance, she may be able to DJ better than anything else!) And keep your eyes open for a special Bonus Cameo from Downsound Records boss Joe Bogdonovich. Video After The Jump…

I-Shawna Live at Sting 2014

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