HEAR THIS: Gully Bop “Drop Mi”

Everybody has love for Robert Lee Malcolm aka Gully Bop! In 2014, Gully Bop saw an exponential rise in his music career (a career that dates back to the 1980’s under the moniker Country Man), after recently becoming an instant, internet sensation. His newly found fame, arose from the viral replication of an amateur video of him freestyling. The “Body Specialist” even headlined at STING, in December 2014, with a performance that received rave reviews. The Jamaica Gleaner dubbed him “the fastest rising artist in the island’s history.” However, in recent music news, fans learned the devastating news that he was dropped from Claim Records for being  “disrespectful and hype.” More After The Jump…

In a way though, an artist has to be somewhat hype about their career, especially in light of such a steep rise. Moreover, the contentious debate over his jabs at Alkaline and Ninja Man, seems trivial leading up to  STING, an annual concert where the best of the best face-off in a live dancehall arena. In the following interview with Reshma B for Boomshots TV, Gully Bop amps up fans for the concert.

Reshma B Reasons with Gully Bop

Some feel that Gully Bop should be more humble regarding the recent rise in his career and not attack a well established and veteran artist like Ninja Man. Ninja Man discussed the lack of respect in a recent interview with Winford Williams for OnstageTV.

Winford Williams Discusses Gully Bop With Ninja Man 


Although Ninja Man mad over Gully Bop and Claims Records lost their faith in this artist, fans can  breathe  a sigh of relief and continue to move forward with their beloved.   Gully Bop released  his response to the entire ordeal with “Drop Mi,”  on the Freddy Krueger riddim which is  sure to be a  smash hit, with 75,000 views in 5 days.

“How dem fi drop me and a nah dem pick me up?” (Lyrical Ammunition)

The man is full up of talent on this tune produced by C.B.L Records/Blakspade Records, which includes a vibrant rap interlude by Bermudian artist, Imari Wade. Bop Bop Bop! A Wha Do Dem?  Boomshots!

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