Flashback Friday: Chuck Fenda “Gash Dem and Light Dem”

Roots Reggae music did not always get a warm and friendly reception, as it is receiving today. In 2006, Leshorn Whitehead aka Chuck Fenda, was a voice for the people with his song, “Gash Dem and Light Dem.”  However the fiery tune was cited by the Broadcasting Commission and consequently banned from the local radio stations in Jamaica. More After The Jump…

In a 2006 interview conducted by Teino Evans for the Jamaica Star, Fenda defended his lyrics:

“Somebody from the RJR Group was saying that a better mi seh ‘try dem and hang dem’ because at least dat more legal, but we nah change nutt’n, a suh di people dem love it and a suh it come spiritual, di song nuh have nuh violence inna it, it deeper dan wah dem a think, but from yuh a carry Jah banna, yuh a guh get a fight.”Chuck Fenda

Thanks to all the real deejays that made crowds lift lighters to this tune and to Chuck Fenda for holding firm to his original lyrics. The  incendiary song, still relevant today, musically buns out all child molesters, rapists, murderers and other perpetrators of heinous crimes:

“A big man like you, rape off a 6 year old baby

A big man like you, pop off ya gun and put nine pon a likkle ole lady

A big man like you, bun down a school and a talk bout yuh mad, sick and crazy

But when God hold yuh no if nor but nor no badda tell di Alimighty bout maybe

Gash dem and light dem, for all the negative vibes wha dem ah bring
Gash dem and light dem, mi come fi mash up and wreck up dem senseless killin’
Gash dem and light dem, boy affi reverse wid dem bag ah gun ting
Gash dem and light dem, stand guard and come out of di wages of sin.”


Oh Ohh  Lawd. A di living fyah once more enuh! Run That!

Main Photograph: Chuck Fenda live performance of “Gash Dem and Light Dem” at Pacifico Bar Tamarindo in Costa Rico on July 7, 2014.

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