Busy Signal In Beast Mode

Busy Signal’s “All In One,” stands as the only dancehall freestyle  fused over 12 classic hip hop beats. In this 2014 song, Busy chops it up vocally and lyrically over each beat, as if competiting for a black belt.   The song trending heavily on social media, a year later, really highlights Busy Signal’s talent. He adds, “Don’t try this at home or the studio or you will have to do it live too,” reminding the music community that each artist in the dancehall genre is an individual; no need for Stereo-Types. More After The Jump…

 The video directed by Dameon Gayle, begins with black and white cinematography, a sidewalk living room and a mug shot of Busy Signal during dark times. The motorcycles represent him maneuvering his way to freedom. Once he finds freedom, the video is full of color and  a man who has had an inspiring walk.

Busy Signal’ s “All In One” Pays Respect to The Following Classic Hip Hop Beats
(Beat Duration In Video, Artist, Song, Release Date)
1. 0:03 – 0:41 Notorius B.I.G – “Juicy” (1994)
2. 0:42 – 1:14 Wu-Tang Clan – “It’s Yourz” (1997)
3. 1:15 – 1:44 Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg- “Still D.R.E.” (1999)
4. 1:45 – 2:22 Dr. Dre featuring  Snoop Dogg, Krupt, Nate Dogg- “The Next Episode” (1999)
5. 2:23- 2:43 Mobb Deep – “Quiet Storm” (1999)
6. 2:52 – 3:12 Canibus – “Second Round K.O.” (1998)
7. 3:13 – 3:52 Wu-Tang Clan – “Triumph” (1997)
8. 3:52 – 4:16 Nas featuring P. Diddy – “Hate Me Now” (1999)
9. 4:17 – 4:26 50 Cent – “In Da Club” (2003)
10. 4:26 – 4:55 DMX – “Ruff Ryder’s Anthem” (1998)
11. 4:56 – 5:36 Black Rob – “Like Whoa” (2000)
12. 5:37 – 6:05 50 Cent – “Wanksta” (2003)

The beats in this song were mixed by John “Johnny Killah” Vincent and overall production of the song was by Turf Music Production.

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  1. Yardie06 says:

    Busy signal has to be the greatest artiste to ever come out of JA I swear this guy is sick! His style, flow, lyrics is crazy. Sometimes I wonder y he seems to underrated by some people but I guess it’s because he’s humble and not hype like some of these fools. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for 2015

  2. Ian Lewis says:

    The boss as always, wi nuh care if BUSY underrated inna Jamaica, di world know se dah youth yah a d real deal yuh feel? Di baddest after d killa. Mi nuh see no one illa, big up mi artiste mi rate yuh 100% and more as mi se nuh watch some other artiste ,a hussle dem hussle lke prostitute we call drm”MIC WHORE”. Do your thing because as mi say inna d begining so mi a say in the end. BUSY A DI REAL TURF PRESIDENT INNA JAMAICA RESIDENT!!!!!

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