WATCH THIS: No-Maddz “Shotta” Official Music Video

Dah One Yah Bad To The Bone

From their bugged-out Puma commercials (which somehow managed to snatch up sneaker money while subtly taking the piss) to their star turns in the film Better Mus Come, the acting, singing, and always laughing No-Maddz lads are undeniably brilliant. But there was always a sense amongst their hardcore fans that the rest of the world just didn’t get it. The lovingly scathing social commentary of their 50th anniversary tune “Sort Out Yuh Life Jamaica”—not to mention the whole “Poo Puku Poo” madness—did not exactly make it easier for them to “buss” in a traditional sense. Not that they really seemed bothered. But ever since their slightly skewed sensibility connected with the legendary drum and bass duo Sly & Robbie, the band has evolved from an underground sensation to an outernational vibration. First came the tune “Romance,” which sounded anything but soft, and now we have a selection called “Shotta,” which manages to condemn gun violence, big up musicianship, and still make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. In short, it’s a certified Boomshot. Video After The Jump…

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