Post-Thanksgiving Tune: Ishawna “Domesticated”

And Don’t Forget to Do The Dishes!

After having some dirty laundry aired over the past few weeks, it looks like Ishawna’s ready for some housecleaning. The latest track by the Princess of the Dancehall and first lady of Downsound Records shows that she’s a domestic goddess at heart.  Coming off the big holiday weekend Ishawna’s here to remind all them boys they better be thankful for having a girl who doesn’t just rave all day long but keeps her dishes done just right. And don’t get it twisted—just cause she keeps the crib clean don’t mean she can’t get dirty between the sheets. “Me can wash, cook and clean AN’ quint, yeah” Audio After The Jump…

Run that!

Reshma B Chats with IShawna

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