Who is Shifta?

Born In Jamaica, Based In Miami, Ready For The World

Dancehall is undergoing a changing of the guard right now with new talent bubbling up from the underground  to the top of the game faster than ever. One of the new names to catch our eye and our ear is a youth called Shifta, whose music combines dancehall energy with warm and easy pop appeal. His single “Do You Wanna,” produced by Timeless Music, is making waves already on Miami radio (check the behind the scenes video shoot footage below). And his latest release, on TJ Records “Drink Up” Riddim, features his frequent collaborator, Che’Nelle, a Malaysian-Australian singer who’s had major success in Japan. The Reggae Girl About Town (@RGAT) recently caught up with Shifta at Miami’s Circle House Studio to hear about his deep dancehall roots and his plans to shift the game into overdrive.  Video After The Jump…

Reshma B Gets To Know Shifta in Miami

Shifta & Che’Nelle “You & I” (Drink Up Riddim)

Shifta & Che’Nelle “Do You Wanna:” Behind the Scenes Videso Footage

Purchase Shifta & Che’Nelle “Do Yo
u Wanna” on iTunes

Shifta’s Father, The Producer of Nardo Ranks “One In A Million Sound”


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