WATCH THIS: Busy Signal “Money Flow” Official Music Video

All The Turf President Wants for Christmas Is a Bag of Money

You already know about Busy Signal’s versatility. He can sing you a country & western classic, chat pon a Major Laxer production, blaze up a cutting-edge dancehall riddim, or ease into roots rock reggae music. In his latest release “Money Flow” Busy takes it back to classic rub-a-dub dancehall style, riding the “Wah Do Dem” riddim made famous by Eek a Mouse and brandishes the “Ribbi Dibbi” flow made famous by Super Cat over Half Pint’s “Greetings” riddim. What better way to make preparations for the Yuletide season than by stacking paper? Run that… Video After The Jump…

Reshma B Reasons with Busy Signal Pon the Reggae Cruise

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