HEAR THIS: Kabaka Pyramid “The Lyricist” Mixtape PREMIERE

Word, Sound and Power—Plus It’s Accurate

Whenever Kabaka Pyramid grips the mic, the first word heard tends to be “accurate.” Known for dropping immaculately crafted rhymes addressing topics with real relevance to real people living real lives, Kabaka has distinguished himself as a powerful voice for the voiceless. Much like his namesake, the lyrical architect crafts his music creations to stand the test of time. “Me’s a man, my music different,” he says on the intro to his debut mixtape, aptly titled The Lyricist, which we proudly premiere today. “I have extra appreciation, cause my music is not party music. Is serious things I and I ah talk ’bout.” And not only does he make music, he can articulate his points of view in an interview or defend them with passion in a debate.

Mixed by Livity Movements sound and produced in association with Destine Media and the Parris Agency, this 24-track compilation brings together the lion’s share of the work that has earned the young DJ recognition as a integral part of the so-called “Roots Revival” currently unfolding within Jamaican music. From the political insights of “No Capitalist” to the furious flows on “Choppingz” featuring Massicka to the sheer firepower of “Selassie Souljahz” featuring Sizzla, Chronixx, and Protoje, Kabaka’s densely wrought rhymes always shine through, charting a path toward the future of reggae music. Audio & Video After The Jump…
(Via Mass Appeal)

“Suss them out with my chalice” Run that…

Kabaka back
Reshma B Reasons with Kabaka in Miami

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