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Ten Scary Selections for Your Halloween Party Playlist

With fall comes one of the most festive holidays, Halloween. Elaborate costumes emulate scary and fictional characters; superheroes and sexy alter-egos. Children trick or treat for sweet candies and visit pumpkin patches. However, the holiday was created to remember the dead saints or “hallows.” This Boomshots full moon playlist highlights songs that comment on the dead rising theme in reggae, dancehall and soca. The playlist contains ten tunes, some focusing on the Halloween/horror theme, while others go beyond the theme and comment on social issues, and a few are highlighted for a wicked production. Audio After The Jump

  1. “Chase Vampire” – Sancho: With Superb story telling interlaced with onomatopoeia, Sancho created a scary movie on vinyl. Creepy pipe organ interludes over the “Chase Vampire” Riddim produce sound effects, found in classic horror films.

2. “Duppy Nuh Frighten Vampire”-Spragga Benz: This song contains a double entendre about your basic Halloween characters on the surface and a deeper ongoing battle in Jamaica:

“I came up with the song content from a funny comment Salaam Remi made when we were conversing in the studio. We were talking about gang wars and the natural ferocity of gangsters. The similarity between gangland acts and police operations and how none was intimidated by the other. Then he made the comment, “Duppy Nuh Frighten Vampire.” The “Nuh Fraid” Riddim was originally produced by Salaam for the “Shotta Culture” album released in 2010 and Jah Snowcone  did additional production.”- Spragga Benz.

Just in time for Halloween, Spragga gave fans a special treat with the release of the “ Duppy Nuh Frighten Vampire” video, directed by himself and Zach Rockenstyre on October 25, 2014.

3. “Dead Gal Walking”- Lil Kim: After giving birth to her first child, Royal Reign, The Queen B, released  the sequel to her debut album, a mixtape, entitled “Hardcore” in September 2014. The mixtape was released on the record label she owns, International Rockstar Records and “Dead Gal Walking,” is already a fan favorite. The song features the Brooklyn rapper deejaying in Caribbean style.

4. “Jumbie”-Machel Montano: This uptempo song off the “Book of Angels” album was the “Road March” in Trinidad in 2007.   The video directed by Walt Lovelace is  the soca version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

5. “Wicked Jab”- Tallpree: Tallpree’s high quality vocals in combination with the  hell raising, Gutter Riddim in this tune,  drew an international interest in jab; “Allyuh Come!”  Directed by Sheldon Mendoza, the video gives a true depiction of carnival in Grenada and its uniqueness, in comparison to the other Caribbean islands.

6. “Real Bad Gyal/Di Creature” – Tommy Lee Sparta featuring Jimba Sparta, Stylish, Destiny and Tabeta Cshae- The three female artists on “Real Bad Gyal,” really deliver with some In- Your-Face lyrics from Destiny and Stylish and the vocals of  Tabeta Cshae vocals really shines through the bridge. Tommy Lee Sparta is well known for his Gothic looks and spooky lyrics. In “Di Creature, ” he comes together with Jimba Sparta to deliver a venomous track.

7. “Thrillah” – Easy Star Allstars featuring Mikey General and Spragga Benz: Michael Jackson’s Thriller Album was one of the biggest albums ever created and producer, record label owner and founder of Easy Star Allstars, Michael Goldwasser, released his reworking of this album in 2012.   The albums’ title track, “Thrillah” features two veteran reggae artists, Mikey General and Spragga Benz. “ I wanted someone who could capture those classic late 70’s/early 80’s roots vibes, and Mikey also has a high enough range to hit MJ’s notes. Vincent Price’s vocals on the original are pretty iconic, and like with Michael Jackson’s vocals, the goal was to pay homage to them without trying too hard to sound like them.  Spragga is known for his bass-heavy voice, and his voice was perfect over the Stalag Riddim, I interpolated towards the end of the tune.”- Michael Goldwasser.

8. “Fire Pon Di Witch”- Lee Scratch Perry: Lee Scratch Perry, one of the founding fathers of dub, lights a disco match that ignites a dub bon fire for the witches. “Fire in Dub,” is one of Mr. Perry’s best albums and a solid collector’s item.

9. “Barnabus Collins”- Lone Ranger: I have to give credit to Rob Kenner for choosing this one about a main character in cinematic horror. Barnabus Collins, the 175 year old vampire was also referenced in Sancho’s Chase Vampire, #1 on this playlist.

10. “Duppy Conqueror”- Bob Marley and The Wailers: Interestingly enough, this song stems from a conversation between Lee Scratch Perry and Bob Marley. According to Mr. Perry, Bob was complaining that the more success he gained, the more “duppies” or “human vampires” coming up to take a bite. Lee said to Bob, “Look, we’ll sort this out. We are Duppy Conquerors,” which gave birth to a legendary tune.

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