Mr. Vegas “Reggae Euphoria” Album Preview

A Track-By-Track Breakdown of The Dancehall Hitmaker’s Latest Release

Few artists in the Jamaican music fraternity can rival the track record established by Mr. Vegas since he exploded on the dancehall scene with his 1998 debut album Heads High. Just last September the year-to-year hitmaker delivered Bruk It Down 2.0, a blazing set of high-energy cuts that rode the wave of his international smash “Bruk It Down,” whose accompanying dance move was a favorite of Nicki Minaj among others. While his new album Reggae Euphoria contains plenty of dancehall energy, it presents the full range of his artistry—with elements of roots reggae, mento, rock steady, R&B, hip-hop and gospel and inspirations ranging from Delroy Wilson to Leonard Cohen to Miley Cyrus. No matter what style of music, Vegas is quite simply a master hitmaker with a rare gift for crafting compelling melodies that stick in the brain year after year. The term “Euphoria” refers to a state of extreme happiness familiar to all dancehall fans who’ve had the pleasure of catching Vegas live in concert. It was origianlly a medical term for “the condition of feeling healthy and comfortable (especially when sick),” and derives from the Greek euphoros meaning “power of enduring easily,” or literally “bearing well.” Whatever may be ailing the listener—whether heartsickness, lack of inspiration, or a chronic case of musical mediocrity, Reggae Euphoria is the perfect prescription. Today Mr. Vegas will be launching the album at Miss Lilys, so if you’re in NYC it’s time to head on down to Houston and Sullivan Streets. But if you can’t make it in person don’t worry we’ve got you covered!  Live Stream Link After The Jump…

Live Stream the “Reggae Euphoria” Album Launch

Sept 22 invite
1. “Mr Shotta” produced my Mr Vegas and Angel Camorra from England
On this contemplative opening track with a simple kette drum and acoustic guitar accompaniment, Mr Vegas speaks to a gun man (Mr. Shotta) who intends to spill blood.
After Vegas begs a moment to speak to his loved ones and bredrens, and praying for the “shotta” the killer starts shouting hallelujah and aborts his mission.
2. “God Good”
A spiritual affirmation voiced over MV Music’s remake of the immortal Answer Riddim. Sometimes in the rush of life we get so caught up that we forget to count our blessings. Mr Vegas laced this irresistible track with catchy church chorus “If you know The Lord is keeping you, what are you worried about?”
3. “Love Yourself”
The first release from Reggae Euphoria was set to a remake of the classic “Hypocrites” riddim. Mr. Vegas went deep lyrically on this track, which was an immediate hit, especially in Jamaica, where its message of self-empowerment struck a chord with the people. “Some nuh want love, dem want psychological help.” #RealTalk
4. “Plastic Dolly”
This song follows “Love Yourself” for a reason—it’s the natural follow-up message to that song. Mr Vegas Teamed up with Europe-based producer Frenchie of Maximum Sounds on  an old-school classical track that fits perfectly with Mr Vegas style.”Plastic Dollys” are women who change everything about them with cosmetic procedures. “Hey girl if, yuh nuh sick,” Vegas inquires, “tell me why you want a doctor visit?”
5. “The Climb”
On this remake of the Miley Cyrus classic, Mr. Vegas shows another side of his versatility and vocal range. “This song means everything to me,” he says. “I sang it from deep inside. It is dedicated to my daughter Reina.”
6. “Hallelujah”
Original written by Leonard Cohen, this song may be one of the most covered in music history, still Mr Vegas manages to make it his own. With Cleve Browne and his brother Danny Browne on kette drums, guitars and heavy percussion, the track takes you into a contemplative zone that you don’t want to be released from.
7. “Thank You Girl”
Mr Vegas has found love again and is letting the world know it. The song speaks about being heartbroken and then finding love again. This is the true meaning of Euphoria.
8. “My Jam”
Already receiving major radio play world wide, this track is poised to become the front-runner from the album. Mr Vegas enjoys stepping out the box, and this song is a perfect example of his creativity when teaming up with Danny Browne.
9. “I’ve Got a Date” featuring Sherita
On this remake of Alton Ellis classic, Sherita performs  Alton’s part, as she tries to end a relationship while Mr Vegas begs her to stay.
10. “Who Rule” featuring Latty J
The ladies are really going at Mr Vegas! It’s now Latty J’s turn. Already a hit with the fans, this comical piece will guarantee you a good laugh. In just two months, the video has already racked up over 100.000 views on YouTube and sits  in the number Top 10 of some of the biggest charts in Jamaica.
11.”Right Now”
Mr Vegas goes into a lyrical vibe like never before. Blazing some high-grade Kiki and begging for Buju to be released from prison without delay, “Right Now” punches hard with the time-tested Danny Browne /Vegas combination again.
12. “Once Upon a Time” featuring Jovi Rockwell
Mr Vegas and Jovi are no strangers at coming together on vintage tracks and making them their own. Their take on the Delroy Wilson original sounds like another hit for the ages.
13. “If I Say”
A mixture of R&B and Reggae, written By Al Cruz and Mr Vegas and produced by Mr Vegas, Danny & Clevie Browne. This lovers rock selection is guaranteed to send chills up the ladies’ spines.
14. “Luv Song” featuring Krystal Lareign
This is the first time Mr Vegas has included a rapper on any of his six albums.
Krystal Lareign out of Connecticut is the one to claim that honor. Spitting sexy rhymes over a smooth “Flex” type of track, the up-and-coming femcee trades bars with Mr. Vegas who’s ready to give her lots of LUV.
15. “Real Don” featuring Joe Lickshot
Produced By Jah Snowcone aka the Victory Boss on one of dancehall hottest riddims, “Nuh Fraid A Vampire,” this one already has the lighters up all round the world. Dancehall icon Joe Lickshot kicks of the track with salutes as Mr Vegas big up the “Real Dons” who set the ting from early out.

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