WATCH THIS: Tommy Lee Sparta “Dream (Don’t Ramp With Me BC Food)” Official Music Video

Uncle Demon Had a Dream Last Night… Are You Afraid Yet?

If there’s one thing Tommy Lee Sparta understands it’s the power of strong visuals. His latest video, which dropped on Vevo today, is on point as usual. Whether or not you dig the whole demon-thug steez, you can’t front on the man’s CGI effects or the tatted-up seminude models. And if you do he’ll just sick his dogs with the Skeletor masks on you anyway. So stop hating and enjoy the show. What about that dream? Don’t worry—he was just swimming in money and chilling with Jesus Christ. No big deal… Video After The Jump…
“Mi Clarks lace up and mi gun dem load so nuh ramp wid me bloodclaat food.” Run that…

Reshma B chats with Tommy Lee

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3 Responses

  1. otto me says:

    Adi yadi world BOSS! no dought hima Markes Garvi of our generation man a belive as prophesised by elders even befor we born.

  2. A question: Am I right in thinking that in Jamaica “don’t ramp wid” means ‘don’t be entertained by?’ Can someone tell me please – What is “BC” in this context?

    Good song. Scary but good.

    • Boomshots says:

      Don’t Ramp With = “Don’t Play With” OR “Don’t Mess Around With” while BC = Bloodclaat or Bumbaclaat (a profanity used for emphasis, in much the same way British people might say “Bloody” or Americans might say “fucking”).

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