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“Popcaan is something of an unlikely hero in the world of dancehall,” writes National Public Radio’s Natalie Wiener of the Jamaican star, whose debut album got a big boost from America’s offiicial government broadcast. “He grew up in the Jamaican projects without becoming a hard-edged “rude boy.” And he’s neither crooner nor spitfire MC — instead, he stands happily between those extremes. The deejay’s debut album, Where We Come From, is equal parts dancefloor anthems and “conscious” tunes about Jamaican life, unified by breezy, fresh production from Brooklyn’s Dre Skull. He’s known to family and fans alike as the “Unruly Boss,” not so much for bad behavior as for a fierce independent streak, manifest in his idiosyncratic vernacular, style and music. Audio, Video & Production Notes After The Jump…

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Where We Come From
Executive Produced by Dre Skull

01 Hold On
Produced by Dre Skull

02 Everything Nice
Produced by Dubbel Dutch

03 Number One Freak
Produced by Jamie YVP

04 Love Yuh Bad
Produced by Dre Skull

05 The System
Produced by Dre Skull

06 Hustle (feat. Pusha T)
Produced by Dre Skull

07 Waiting So Long
Produced by Adde Instrumentals

08 Cool It
Produced by Dubbel Dutch

09 Ghetto (Tired of Crying)
Produced by Dre Skull

10 Evil
Produced by Dubbel Dutch

11 Addicted
Produced by Dubbel Dutch

12 Give Thanks
Produced by Dubbel Dutch

13 Where We Come From
Produced by Anju Blaxx

(Full Album Stream via National Public Radio)

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