Popcaan Covers The Fader

The Unruly Boss Graces The Mag’s Summer Music Issue

Dancehall star Popcaan is one of the four artists featured on the cover of The Fader‘s new music issue as the promotions for his Where We Come From album ramp up ahead of next Tuesday’s release.  In the story music journalist Jesse Serwer journeys up to Papi’s birthplace, the rural village of Hayfield in the Jamaican parish of St. Thomas. Along the way he learns the roots of Papi’s nickname. “This call-it-what-I-want approach to language—[Popcaan]’s music is similarly rich with fresh terminology—is perhaps summed up best by the term he’s becoming synonymous with: unruly. It’s a word that Popcaan recalls hearing during childhood scoldings, and which he’s flipped into a badge of independence, proudly worn in song lyrics, social media hashtags, homemade T-shirts and a tattoo on his chest that reads “Unruly Boss” (his followers and associates have likewise dubbed themselves the Unruly Gang). More After The Jump…

“Mi as a youth always love[d] to do my own ting,” Popcaan explains, speaking in a thick patois. “Mi nuh like when people rule me, not even mi mother. When mi start say ‘unruly’ now, people who know me from long time say, ‘Yaowww, weh right name that!’”

(Via The Fader)

Reshma B Kicks it with the Unruly Boss

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