HEAR THIS: Kelissa ft. Chronixx “Winna”

Kelissa alongside Chronixx makes for a winning combination

Your two favorite reggae revival vocalists Kelissa and Chronixx team up to present a brand new single called “Winna”. Just in time for the summer, this motivational music brings purpose to the mundane, giving listeners a reason to get up, get out, and go get the day started. The smooth introduction crescendos into a full-force pop beat as Kelissa starts off “Good morning Mr. Obstacle, how ya doing today?” Chronixx isn’t too far behind as he responds with “If I am living…” and Kelissa completes the thought: “Live It Up!” Audio After The Jump…

The duet is a natural collaboration considering the two singers recently toured together in Europe along with Dre Island. One can imagine they have endured their fair share of obstacles while making a name for themselves in the music business. Chronixx breakthrough mixtape Start A Fyah introduced a fearless Rasta ready to take the world by storm. Since then his Dread & Terrible EP has lifted him to higher heights. His record label Zinc Fence records produced the track “Winna” along with countless others from Kelissa’s EP Rebel In Disguise, including “Babylon Is Burning” and “Africa”. Consider “Winna” a song for the fans who have been there to support both artists throughout  their respective journeys. The juxtaposition of Chronixx’s thunderous voice and Kelissa’s soaring tones creates a harmony that’s ready for the world—because they both sing like they’ve got nothing to lose.

“Two steps forward and one step back” Run that..

Download “Winna” on iTunes.

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  1. Val says:

    Beautiful well written post. The song was refreshing and just in time for the summer indeed

  2. Soren says:

    One of my favorite motivational tracks. Also such a well constructed collaboration.

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