HEAR THIS: Inner Circle ft. Mykal Roze & Bizerk “All About The Ball” PREMIERE

The Bad Boys of Reggae Kick A World Cup Anthem

Starting this week the people of planet earth put down their usual obsessions of greed, lust, war, strife, and brutality and turns their attention to soccer, or if you happen to live outside the USA, football. Whether you’re in Brazil for the kickoff, catching the action at your favorite sports bar, or chilling at Circle House in Miami, it’s all about the World Cup, which is—when you get right down to it—all about the ball. The outernationally-minded rootical rhthym section known as Inner Circle aka the “Bad Boys of Reggae” have created a brand new World Cup anthem with a little help from Mykal “Grammy” Roze, former lead singer of Black Uhuru, and a youth named Bizerk, about whom we’ll be hearing more very soon. And the wholw world gets to hear it for the first time right here pon the Boomshots. Kick it.! Audio After The Jump…

“The game is a big reaction / With every kick there’s a big reaction” Run it…

[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/ALL ABOUT THE BALL FINAL MASTER.mp3]

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