HEAR THIS: Alkaline “F___ Up”

Alkaline Creates The Realest Vent Song

Music is medicine that feeds the soul. It ranges from the daily bread of spiritual uplifting music to thought provoking social commentary music to club bangers and heart warming love songs. But every now and then, one needs a good vent song, which addresses the up and downs of personal relationships. Alkaline’s new song “F-Up” on the Work Permit Riddim, discusses friendships and the saddest discovery that a friend is actually an enemy. The “Young and Baddest” artist, blasted by many for slackness lyrics, brings us the realest  vent song in dancehall.  More After The Jump

Earlan Bartley aka Alkaline keeps his critics on their toes, with an exponential growth in his music career over the last year. In an interview with Reshma B for Boomshots TV, at 21 Haplos Studios in December 2013, the artist gives a breakdown of his moniker: “Alkaline derive from the Alkaline battery, everybody, every battery  has a negative and positive end, the dichotomy of positive and negative, just sums up who I am. A little bit of good and a whole lot of bad (laughing). I’m just able to keep the balance; good and bad.”

Reshma B Reasons With Alkaline

The intelligent, articulate journalism student of the University of the West Indies, addresses taboo topics, as we heard on the songs from his 2013 “Problem Child” Mixtape. In 2014, his songs, continue to  stir up controversy. However, the song “F-Up” may only get the anti-expletive crowd riled up.


At the end of the day, some aspects of human nature are undesired, including competitiveness and selfishness. When these things appear in a friendship, it can be painful and hurtful. The emotional pain weighs in the melancholic, resounding vocals of this tune.  Alkaline  finely calibrates  lyrics about the Judas friend, that will sell the personal business out for 30 pieces of silver and seal up the act with the kiss of betrayal.   The 20-year-old artist,  gets through it musically, implying that there is no need for violence and strife; write it down and sing it out. This sort of music therapy allows one to purge the soul, let go of  negative thoughts and continue on life’s journey.

Alkaline, F-Up!

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