Busy Signal Revives “Gal Yuh Good”

 In 2013, rapper A$AP Ferg made the song, “Shabba” which featured a cameo in the video, from the “Dancehall Emperor” himself  and rapper, A$AP Rocky; “8 Gold Rings Like I’m Shabba Shabba Ranks!” The admiration for the two-time Grammy Award winner in this song, was a clear indication that Shabba Ranks’ music, transcends across genres and into the ears of today’s generation of listeners.  The reggae legend has a trailer load of tunes, including roots and culture songs, but the sexy ones remain imprinted on music minds.  Mr. Loverman’s, “Wicked In A Bed” was featured on the top selling video game of all time, “Grand Theft Auto, San Andreas” for Playstation 2. To name a few more, who can forget classic Shabba smash hits:  “Telephone Love,” “Caa’n Done,” “Slow and Sexy,” “Love Punany Bad,” “Bedroom Bully”  and fan favorite, “Gal Yuh Good.” Busy Signal just revived the latter, from the 90’s, with his new video release, saluting Shabba Ranks for his original song and adding  signature vocals.  More After The Jump…

 Busy Signal – “Gyal Yuh Good” (Busy Signal Tell Dem Gal Dem Good!)

This song will ignite the 2014 dancefloor and the video is full of Jamaican swag and moves. A Turf TV production, the video represents for all the ladies, all shades, shapes and sizes. But my girl at the end of the video, hits the nail on the head, Caribbean women are blessed! True!

Shabba Ranks – “Gal Yuh Good”- (Pastor Get Run Out Ah Church for Da Good …! Lord Have Mercy! Run Dat!”)

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  1. Seven Citer says:

    those Jamaican gyal-dem mek me ave dutty thought, zeen?!?

  2. Paul Wayne says:

    Love it! The video sell off!!!!

  3. Smiley Da British Govnah says:

    Video Sweet!

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