Dancehall & Soca Stars For “Woman Is Boss” Stage Show

In preparing for an event, most women go through a ritual grooming process. This usually involves first making sure hair, nails and eyebrows are groomed and then selecting the outfit, accessories, make-up and fragrance fit for the occasion. However, after all is said and done, confidence is the accessory that stands out the most. This is perhaps why confident women who slightly deviate from the world standard of how a woman should look and act, are appealing to most audiences. “Woman is Boss,” is a concert promoted by Hi-Tech Promotions showcasing four fearsome boss ladies in reggae and soca.  Featured Artists After The Jump…

· Macka Diamond –the “Money Goddess” of dancehall, victoriously bears the lyrical ammunition for the haters, letting us know why this Jamaican dancehall starlet will continue to bring the heat. Hardcore Macka fans should be sure to check out some of Boomshots classic interviews with Miss Dye Dye.

· Patrice Roberts –this creative “Trinidadian Queen” demonstrates through her music why she is a woman in control of all the different aspects of her life. With music to ease the mind and move the waistline, she will have everyone “tiefing and taking ah wine.”

· Allison Hinds-the “Bajan Queen” has dominated the soca arena for many years and represents for all the successful ladies. She reminds us to have sisterhood, with the lyrics, “Come together because we strong and unified.”

· Leonce-lead female vocalist of The Request Band, this “Trinidadian Empress” continues to rock the stage and lead soca music to new heights in 2014.

Each of these four empowered women bring fierceness and energy to their live performances. Ladies prepare to celebrate femininity and dance. Gentlemen, see live and in color, why James Brown sang the lyrics, “This is a man’s world, but it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing without a woman!” Don’t miss, Macka Diamond, Allison Hinds, Patrice Roberts and Leonce as they take the stage at The Village in Brooklyn on June 8, to show the world why woman is boss!


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