WATCH THIS: Mr. Vegas & Mr. Lexx “Do It For The Cam” Official Music Video

What Would You Do To Be The Star? How Far Would You Go?

After Lexxus and Vegas told the world “Some gyal nuh ready fi di video light yet,” why do some people insist on keeping up foolishness just to splash all over YouTube, Instagram, and even Vine. Sure they might cop a plea and claim say they “ain’t gon’ do it,” then the next thing you know there they are getting reposted and retweeted. So Mr. Vegas had to link up with Dag Diggy (aka “Cratches King”) once again to take a light-hearted look at the crazy things that happen when the camera phones turn on. Some a dem still hype although hypness nuh fit them—uzeet? Video After The Jump…

“Lights, Camera, Action!” Run that…

Reshma B Raps With Mr. Vegas

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