WATCH THIS: Busy Signal “Wet Spliff” Official Music Video

As A Hotthead Youth, There Are Certain Things Busy Nah Do

Star$truck entertainment’s Star$truck riddim, it had some big tunes on it from Beenie, Bling Dawg, Iyara, and more. But the standout was Busy Signal’s Hotthead anthem “Wet Spliff.” Not really a weed tune—the title is somewhat misleading—”Wet Spliff” here is used as an example of behavior that Busy frowns upon—wetting a spliff for another man—and that he won’t be doing any time soon. In fact, never. To be specific, he states: “I nah long out me tongue wet no spliff fi no man. No!” Which is fair enough. Who really does that anyway? (Nor will he watch gal fi nuh man, bust shot fi nuh man, etc.) The brand new video for the tune, directed by Icey Jace, doesn’t actually show anybody “longing out their tongue.” But it does show Busy and his crew taking over Kingston radio station Hot 102, which is pretty rad. Video After The Jump…

“Yuh mad? Mi nah mix with no man saliva. Some bwoy mek man trick them like MacGyver”

Busy Kickin It With Reshma B

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