Shabba Records First Song In JA For Three Years

If you want to work with Shabba Ranks, don’t bring “Monkey Money”—make sure it’s “Gorilla Money”!

Shabba Ranks decides to record a new track in Jamaica after ceasing his production there for years. (His last Jamaican production was “None A Dem” for Di Genius in 2011.) While in New York the Dancehall Emperor collaborated with American rappers A$AP Ferg and A$AP Rocky on the official remix of a eponymous song “Shabba Ranks”. The Grammy award winning DJ boasts an elaborate list of hits from his travels from yard to the United States. On his most recent visit back to JA, Shabba discusses his new musical projects, his pay rate—”no monkey money, we take gorilla money”—and his clothing line E.R.E. : Emperor. We expect more crossover success from the “Mr.Loverman” singer. Video After The Jump…

Shabba Kicks it with RGAT

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  1. Soren says:

    Shabba is so respected within the industry. I know this was much anticipated and he delivered as expected.

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