WATCH THIS: Mr.Vegas “Bruk It Down To Reality” Show


Dancehall Star Invites 20 Girls from Around the World to Compete for a Spot on His World Tour

Welcome to the Bruk It Down Reality TV Series, a showcase of 20 international dancers, hosted by Mr. Vegas. The dancehall hitmaker, known for songs like “Bruk It Down,” “Tek Weh Yourself,” and a crossover collab with Beyoncé, “Standing In The Sun,”  has invited female dancers to show off their skills in dancing and overall fitness to see who will be ready to join him on a global tour to promote Dancehall culture.  The ladies will be tested on their abilities to choreograph, perform, cook, and build character during the time spent on the sunshine island of Jamaica. Each dancer must demonstrate their passion for Caribbean culture as well as the advancement of Dancehall worldwide.
Throughout his career, Vegas has traveled the world and seen the excitement of audiences performing Jamaican dance moves to high-energy rhythms. Many YouTube users outside Jamaica upload their own rendition of the latest Dancehall dances. For example, since posting a choreographed video to Major Lazor’s “Watch Out For This (Bumaye)”  last December, DHQ Fraules from Russia has over 13 Million views on her video alone! Websites like DanceJA in Jamaica are also providing opportunities for celebrity choreographers to teach in the United Kingdom, Europe, and Japan. Seeing  the demand for Jamaican dancers, Mr. Vegas provided a platform for young ladies to live out their dreams as Dancehall Queens. The top prizes for winner include US $10,000.00 / being an official member of Mr. Vegas touring party / 6 months supply of MV (Mr. Vegas) Clothing and much more. Check out the reel for the tv show below. Video After The Jump.. 

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