HEAR THIS: Lady Saw “Pretty Fingers”

OMG!!! I am f@cking lost for words. Muma Saw always takes it to the next level and she damn sure did it AGAIN! When this track turned up in my inbox my laptop was playing up. No storage space —so I left it and was like, ‘OK I will deal with this tomorrow.’ Three days later, after some file data transfer, I get to open it at the Mac store. Holy crap! how could I have been sleeping on this? You really have to salute this woman. She basically does whatever the hell she wan’. The Queen of the Dancehall—who gave us a song about her “Pretty P@$$y”—is back with something even madder than that. “Can You Be with me and no one else? Tell me now cause I can love myself…. My pretty fingers they do know me well” Oh gosh! Saw has always been that independent woman and people look up to her for keeping real. In this track she combines the two. What’s more independent than taking care of your own needs? If her man can’t handle the job those fingers are ready to step up! And it don’t get any more real than making a song about your personal masturbataion process—with a detailed account of what takes place. Whatever was going through her head at the time she decided to put this out I guess there’s a load of people going don’t stop now Saw. Audio After The Jump…

“Me finger nimble them know how fi mek me tremble” Run that…

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