Chronixx Was Not Beaten In Paris

Don’t Believe The Hype!

There were a series of reports from “reputable” media sources claiming that reggae star Chronixx was beaten by security guards at one of his shows in paris. Headlines like “Chronixx go farrin go hype pon some white security guards and get beaten to a pulp. Him tink say ah Kingston him de weh people frighten fi him?” were seen plastered above numerous blogs and news sites. Well, we at are here to tell our readers and Chronixx fans alike that what you’ve been reading and or hearing is just not true.

This is an official statement from Chronixx Music Group, the managers and booking agents for Chronixx.
Members of the Chronixx Music Group management team are currently on tour with Chronixx for the Dread & Terrible European Tour which features Chronixx, Kellissa, and Dre Island. We have been present at all concert performances presented so far, as we are responsible for the supervision of all aspects of the artists’ production, presentation and security on tour. Our responsibilities including interface with show promoters and personnel hired by them.
It has come to our attention that a false report is being circulated by Platinum Camp by way of an email under the name of the Platinum Camp CEO. This false report includes a story alleging that Chronixx and members of his team were beaten by security personnel after their performance at La Cigale in Paris on April 6, following an alleged earlier altercation between the team members and the security providers for the show.
We would like to take this opportunity to categorically state that there was no altercation whatsoever between members of the Chronixx team and security providers at the show. There was also no incident involving Chronixx or any member of his team where anyone was beaten, nor was there any incident involving security personnel with high powered weapons and baseball bats as alleged in the report above mentioned. The “Dread & Terrible Tour” has continued with successful performances by Chronixx, Dre Island and Kelissa in various cities around Europe every night since the April 6th date in Paris. There are now 4 more dates remaining before the tour ends on April 20.
We consider the false report issued by Platinum to be not only unprofessional and irresponsible, but also very damaging to the credibility and good name of Chronixx and members of the Chronixx Music Group team. We have therefore consulted our attorney and will be seeking to have all necessary action taken to have this false report corrected, and any damage done repaired.

So there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth, but think about, Chronixx involved in an altercation?

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3 Responses

  1. rsin says:

    movement of jah people get it straight devils

  2. Benzi says:

    The guards beat the man, Paris dem dey.. His crew hype pon the guards, all the water mon get slap to. Can’t deny it now to save face. 6’2 security squad not going to take hype from Chronnix.

  3. DuppyMiSay says:

    Heard the man get lick so till.. them affi deny it yes, who wouldnt. Big man nuffi get beat like pickney..

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