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Childhood friends with Augustus Pablo, teenage apprentice to King Tubbys, “Prince” Philip Smart would later move from Kington to New York and establish the most important reggae recording studio in the USA. The very first song produced at HC&F Studios was a crossover hit for the band Monyaka, who’d invested sweat equity into their recording time by helping to construct the Freeport, Long Island studio with their own hands. Over the years, numerous historic recording sessions went down at Smart’s soundlab that helped to spread reggae music into the American pop charts and around the world, as did his weekly radio show on WNYU FM, Get Smart! As friends, family and music lovers mourn the man—who passed away last week—what better time to take a deep dive into the music and reflect on all the works one man in his late 50s could accomplish on earth. Many of Philip Smart’s hardest selections, including Scion Sashay Success futuristic digi-dancehall cut “The Trainer,” are includied on the hard-to-find compilation Five Borough Fire, which is well worth the effort of hunting down on eBay. In one of many tributes that appeared following the tragic news, Clinton Lindsay quotes Sting International saying, Father Phil was “a man who gave so much and asked for nothing.” Make sure to tune into the next episode of the Strictly Boomshots show on for a musical celebration of the man known affectionately by so many as “Father Phil.”  Click Through The Gallery Above To Start The Countdown

Philip Smart Chats with Reshma B

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5 Responses

  1. Mizz Dee says:

    Absolutely love the musical snapshot and tribute to Philip Smart. Never net him but have very find memories of listening to him on Fridays at the early end of the dual and being pissed when the show was preempted fir a college game! He was a pioneer in NY when many still didn’t know about the sweet sounds of Reggae. Keep up the great work Rob!

  2. Mizz Dee says:

    Sorry for the typos! I meant that I have very fond memories of listening to him at the early part of the radio dial despite not getting a chance to meet him!

  3. Mizz Dee says:

    One more! My compliments to Ms. Reshma B as well.

  4. Tony English says:

    Phillip believed in me from day one,he had me working with him on the radio station and in his recording studio in Freeport Long Island and help me produce my first record and l felt privileged to be with him at the when he made his transition….R.l.P.Prince Phillip.

  5. Dawn Hamilton says:

    Philip Smart was a good friend of mine he had that inviting spirit and love music I miss is laugh and is famous 2words “Yes Bossy”every time he was on the radio he would always give a shout out with encouragements to Rockers Island throughout his entire show and call my brother’s name I will never forget your kindness!!! wish u were still amongst us to run your crazy jokes but God knows best SIP my amazing friend u are miss u were HCF STUDIO

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