Reasoning With Philip Smart “Music Is My Life”

Exclusive Interview With the Late Great Producer Who Was The Cornerstone of NYC’s Reggae Scene

This has been a rough month for reggae music. After the untimely deaths of Bunny Rugs and Wayne Smith comes news that legendary producer Philip Smart has died after a battle with cancer. The humble, soft-spoken genius learned his trade from the great King Tubby and played a crucial role in the development of the NYC reggae scene, producing classic sides by Shaggy and Super Cat and nurturing countless other producers at his studio and on his Get Smart radio show. Last year Boomshots stopped by HC&F Studio in Long Island where Philip was keeping one of his usual late-night sessions. He didn’t feel very well that day—said he had a cold—but luckily he found the strength for a long conversation with Reshma B. To say that Father Phil will be missed is a serious understatement. Respect in all aspect. Music alone shall live. Video After The Jump…

Part 1 of 3 “Music is my Life”

Part 2 of 3 “Everybody came for that bass”

Part 3 of 3 “We tried to fuse reggae with hip-hop

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