Mavado Speaks: “Our Thing Legendary… We Go On The Top Ourselves”

The Gully Gad Gives It All To The Fans At Sting 

How happy was Mavado to be back home at Sting 2013? Well, he didn’t mind throwing his $1700 gold-plated Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers into the audience as a way of letting his fans know he appreciated theirGully Gad Gives It All To The Fans At Sting warm welcome. (The Gully Gad did not, however, fling his iced-out Jacob the Jeweler cross into the crowd.) Finishing his set in sock feet, Mavado made it clear that he might have been all over the world repping reggae and dancehall music, but his heart is always in Jamaica. Soon after leaving the stage he sat down with Reshma B to put the whole thing in perspective: “You done know our thing legendary yunno. I mean, remember, we are not artists that people try to make up and try to promote and try to put up on top. We go on the top ourselves. We becomes generals. We becomes leaders of this school ourselves. Nobody. No additive. No nothing. Just natural… So the fans nah go do nuttin but just love we.” Video After The Jump…

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