HEAR THIS: Lady Saw “Lef Dancehall”

Forget What You Heard—The Queen Is Still Standing Tall

You already know when a Lady Saw track turns up in your inbox you need to listen to that ASAP. But when the title of the song is “Lef Dancehall,” you’d better make sure you’re working with a high-speed connection because that tune is top priority. The Queen of the Dancehall always keeps it extra extra real, and she’s never afraid to let off whatever’s on her mind. On the new track muma saw is addressing anyone who’s unsure about where she stands in the biz. And her message is clear. If she leaves dancehall it will flop right now. And she’s not about to let that happen. Over the past year Saw has been talking about leaving the dancehall scene and pursuing her talent in Gospel music. For some time now she’s been warning her fans about this possible change in direction. When she last spoke with Boomshots she revealed that her decision was inspired by a calling she received from the Almighty, but she also said hasn’t made the final decision on when she might make the move. Since that time she released her hit single “Heels On,” and went on to make a remix of the tune with Flo Rida. During a killer performance at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center over Labor Day weekend, she announced that she would eventually be leaving dancehall—but not for a good few years. In her new release, “Lef Dancehall,” she elaborates on that point. It seems that she’s grown tired of backbiting and in-fighting amongst certain unnamed artists in the business. “Dem gal deh not worth my time,” she says to open the song. “It seem like you wanna have a brawl, but I’m too much a lady to enter that ball.” Although Saw’s happy to wear her crown she’s sure to big up veteran artists, including foundation artists like Lady G, Muma Nancy, Lady Anne, Junie Ranks, Junie Star, Lady Patra, Sister Chamaine, Shelly Thunder, Sister Carol. As for the others… “Dem gyal deh ah no my concern. Respect is earned.”  Audio After The Jump…


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