FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Bunji Garlin “Gimme The Brass”

Before Differentology There Was Brass

Yesterday, Thursday 7th of November marked exactly one year since the mega hit “Differentology” was officially released to the world. Fast foward to the present and “Differentology” is still being played at high volumes and remix after remix is coming out the woodwork adding to the longevity of the tune. Bunji is a household name now, but there was a time when he was just another guy who had the talent and trying to make a name for himself performing at local secondary schools around Carnival time. I was one of those kids, probably around Form 2 or 3 (equivalent to 7th and 8th grade) attending these school dances focused mainly on trying to dance with as many girls as possible because of a bet I had made with my friends previous to entry. With my mind on my mission and my mission on my mind I charged head first into the area right in front of the stage commonly known as the “sweat box” and it was here I witnessed the birth of a star because it was at that very moment a dark skinned figure took the stage clad in oversized clothes and proceeded to make me a fan. This was the FUBU/Lugz era, and in retrospect Lugz boots probably wasn’t a good idea, they were a little heavy when you tried to jump, but that’s another story. Bunji announced himself to the crowd with his self titled tune “Bunji” but it wasn’t until “Gimme The Brass” that people really took him seriously. The blend of Ragga-Soca with Dancehall elements was popular at that time and Bunji made it his own. Check out the tune below.

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