WATCH THIS: Tifa “Lyrically Educated” Official Music Video

Tifa Schools Some Prentice DJs And Sends Them To Do Their Homework

Your girl Tifa is back with another signature vid. This time it’s a combo of funky props & animation and it sounds like nuffin’ is gonna get in her way! “Cyaan stop me. Me a bulldozer to di top/Me a get a likkle closer,” are the opening lines to her chorus. Looks like Tifa has been putting some pen to paper making sure to use her words with full meaning and maximum impact—no confusion here. Since she last spoke with Boomshots about the hate she faces in the game it’s no secret that she’s been on the receiving end of some of this herself. Seems like the princess of dancehall may have a message or two between the lines of her song. But whether or not this is directed at any specific person, Tifa has got her poker face ON and her Joker Smile in place. And as the teaser track at the end of this clip makes clear, she “ah Play Wid It.” Video After The Jump…

“It’s my turn to talk”

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