Surprise Guests Rock On Da Reggae Tip

Super Cat the Don Dada Mashes Up On Hot 97 Da Reggae Tip SuperCatOnDaReggaeTipAt Friday night’s Hot 97 On Da Reggae Tip concert lots of artists brought guests out on stage with them. That in itself is nothing new. Ever since New York’s top hip-hop station began this annual pre-Labor Day reggae dancehall and soca show hosted by radio personalities Bobby Konders and Jabba, it has been a forum for celebrity stunting. This is the same show where, in years past, Cham brought out Alicia Keys, Elephant Man brought out Chris Brown, and Mavado brought out Wyclef Jean (who then began getting booked on his own and bringing out other people on his set.) So when Jabba told the sold-out crowd last Friday that there was “more pon more” artists backstage, we all knew we were in for some special guests. And we could only hope that those in charge kept in mind one of the most important rules of live music performance politics: some guests are more special than others. Any artist who’s booked on a major stage show wants their performance to stand out from the rest. Bringing an unexpected guest performer on stage with them can be a great way to spice things up. But there are drawbacks too: What if the guest performer flops—or worse still, what if they upstage the main act? And then there are the guests who overstay their welcome, lingering longer than they are needed or wanted, and gobbling up precious time. But this year was all about some very special special guests. Cham brought out his wife  O, who rocked the building when she said “My pum pum tun up.” Beenie Man brought out Tifa who gave him a nice Matie Wine. And Shaggy brought out Assassin who got the place rocking. But the best was yet to come…  Videos After The Jump…Shaggy brought Super Cat out during his set


Another view of the Wild Apache performace…

Mavado brought out Nicki Minaj to perform their new song “Give It All To Me”

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  1. Danice says:

    Da hell is that …stop playing

  2. […] shocked the world by stepping on stage up as Shaggy‘s surprise guest at Hot 97′s annual On Da Reggae Tip showcase. Since then he was booked to headline the 30th anniversary stage of Sting, known as the […]

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