HEAR THIS: Radio Lily Mixtape Preview

The Best of Radio Lily’s Live Performances On Cassette
Radio Lily has been playing the people’s music night & day for a hot minute now, and over the months we’ve seen some amazing live performances. So we were well pleased to hear about the forthcoming mixtape This is Radio Lily Clash, which is coming soon. This being Miss Lily’s, of course, a mixtape is not a download link. It’s a real mixtape, as in a cassette. We’re talking limited edition bizness. So if you don’t make your way down to Houston and Sullivan to cop yours quick quick quick, you probably won’t get to hear it. But fret not thyself—Boomshots has got you covered with this exclusive preview of Side A featuring exceptional live performances by Chronixx, Beenie Man, Tifa, and Konshens. We do this for our culture. Thank us later. Audio After The Jump…

Chronixx! Beenie! Tifa! Konshens! Run that…

[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/RADIO LILY 8 BALL SIDE A.mp3]

Beenie Man Pon Strictly Boomshots

Konshens Pon Strictly Boomshots

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