HEAR THIS: Lady Saw ft. Flo-Rida “Heels On” Remix

Muma Saw Now Ridin with the Flo

After her storming performance at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center during last weekend’s Irie Jamboree’s Caribbean Fever Music Fest, Lady Saw fans can put their minds at rest. It seems like the Queen is gonna hang on to that crown for a little longer. Muma Saw wasted no time before dispelling the recent rumors about her leaving the dancehall industry. “I said I would retire on the 31st,” she said as she took the stage at Barclays. “But I didn’t say what month! I’ll be retiring on the 31st of the 31st month of 2031!” To celebrate the occasion Saw’s teamed up with Flo-Rida to drop a remix of her latest chart-topper “Heels On.” Both artists performed at Reggae Sumfest in July so maybe the inspiration for this collab happened around that time. Hey she’s free to do as she pleases cause “Man ah de least” of her problems innit? Whatever the case let the music play! Audio After The Jump…

Reeeeeemiiiiixxx!!! Run that…

If you missed Saw last weekend at the Barclays Center then check out some highlight footage right here:

Boomshots Goes Behind the Scenes at the “Heels On” video…

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