HEAR THIS: Kranium “Nobody Has To Know”

JA-Born Queens-Raised Lyricist Lives By The Joe Grine Law: Get And No Chat

The Twenty-three-year-old NYC dancehall artist Kranium will be dropping his first single on Frequent Flyer Records October 15th. The artwork, courtesy of RavieOne, hearkens back to the classic Super Cat LP Si Boops Deh. And on Kranium’s single “Nobody Has To Know,” (or actually “nobody nah fi know”) co-produced by the artist and LMR, he’s nobody’s sugar daddy. Kranium is more like that Joe Grine who sees to a lady’s urgent needs—you know, like “use me cocky play guitar with your lungs”—on the low. As the late great Captain Barkey once put it: Original Get and No Chat. Audio After The Jump…
“Nobody nah fi know say you ah give it up” Run that…
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/01 NOBODY HAS TO KNOW (RAW).mp3]

Peep the old school video … Bashy new clip on the way said speed

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