HEAR THIS: King Addies Presents Rodney Price AKA Bounty Killer Dubplate Mix

Addies Bad From Dem Time Till Now, Who Nuh Like It Defend It 

The Biltmore Era is known as the Golden Era and most competitive period of the Sound Clash Industry extending from the late ’80s to 1996. Such clashes were kept in four major venues throughout New York City—Tilden Ballroom, Starlite Ballroom, Flamingo Ballroom and most importantly the Biltmore Ballroom. As the “Mecca” of the industry, the era contained many talented and entertaining sound systems all of which rightfully deserve their place in the history books. However, none has been more dominant and respected as King Addies. They were the sound that made upcoming selectors believe that you didn’t have to be a Jamaican based sound system to make it to the top of the industry. Of all the artists represented in their devastating dubplate collection, one loomed larger than all the others: The Warlord, a.k.a. Bounty Killer.  Audio After The Jump…

Pioneered by the legendary selector “Danny Dread,” whose contacts helped advance the careers of nuff reggae artists in the international markets of North America and England, the sound system gradually earned their ratings from rival sounds, artists and most importantly the thousands of fans listening to clash tapes around the world. Not many people recognized Danny Dread’s protégé “BabyFace” aka “LionFace” was Trini born, which initially may have been perceived as a disadvantage within a Jamaican-dominated industry—but this fact did not prevent him from rising to the top. Babyface has been recognized as one of the most talented selectors dancehall culture has ever witnessed. Known for his aggressive style and relentless ability to obliterate any competition in his way, his confidence, style and unpredictable, explosive, and on point selections were key to the sound’s success.

Addies’ popularity further exploded when a young mic man called Tony Matterhorn joined the sound in 1993. Bringing a modern style of entertainment to the industry, Mattorhorn’s personality was fresh and his enthusiasm for clash was contagious. The combination of LionFace and Matterhorn became the “Dream Team” of the clash industry. Combined with their close links to the hottest new artist in business at the time, Bounty Killer. The combined strength of all these factors made Addies an undeniable force, leaving their stamp on the industry as one of the most admired sounds in the game.

Hit the play button below and listen to arguably the best Bounty Killer dub medley on earth—all courtesy of the first New York Sound ever to beat a Jamaican Sound inna clash.

Killa and Matterhorn Sparring at Mavado’s 2009 Album Release Party in NYC

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