HEAR THIS: Cham “Yardie Party”

The Kid Is Back And The Party Tun UpChamYardieParty
If there’s one artist in the dancehall game who you can count on to kill it consistently it’s got to be Cham. He doesn’t drop a ton of tunes, but you know them all. And his hit-to-miss ratio is second to non. The Kid’s batting average is like 1000%. On “Yardie Party” the DJ’s new tune produced by Randy Rich, Cham shares his guide to time-management, and it’s worthy of emulation: Party all night. Hustle all day. Grind nonstop but make time to play. Got it? Good. Audio After the Jump…

“Boomshots ever call me” Run that…
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/CHAM- YARDIE PARTY – RANDY RICH-21ST.mp3]

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