HEAR THIS: Black Lion ft Kat Dahlia & Nyanda “Mash It Up”

Kat Sounds Super On The Wizard’s Riddim Inna Cubana Dancehall Stylee

Air horns, dubbed-out keyboards and trap drums announce that the Cubana cutie who gave us “Gangsta” is back at it on some raggamuffin tip. Dahlia’s smoky, sultry voice sounds adorably earnest as she flings down her best Miami patois over a hard-hitting beat courtesy of The Wizard. Black Lion of BLMG and Nyanda of Brick & Lace join in the fun and soon everyTING tun up. Just keep in mind that Kat & them “don’t give a ____.” Audio After The Jump…
“Yeah we do what we ah do and we don’t give a” Run that..

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