Rihanna Hits Up Cropover in Barbados

Rihanna Joins in Cropover Festivities & Becomes the Main Attraction

Cropover has been taking place in Barbados since 1688 and since then it has become quite the exciting celebration. And even more alluring when Rihanna became a regular attendee of the festival. Last year, Rihanna turned heads with her racy dance moves and all red and gold outfit but this year she took a sexy but more classy approach. The singer attended Cropover in a bejeweled bikini with a feathered headdress, fishnets and some high tops Adidas. Though, the outfit only covered the necessary parts of her body, Rihanna looked refreshingly, beautiful with her new haircut and genuine smile. Check out the photos of Rihanna at Cropover in the photo gallery.

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  1. Joann Warkala says:


  2. Becca Beyer says:

    I would not have gone with high- tops…maybe white leather moccasins or white boots without any heels, but not Adidas high- tops. Other than that, it looks great, especially the fishnets. BUT SHE DOES NOT LOOK LIKE A SLUT! This is the equator! Its either plain old boring bikini, die from heatstroke, or bedazzle that bikini to the point of awesomeness. Which would you choose!?!?!?!?

  3. Joe Knight says:

    Looks a little slutty to me…but I like the a lttle slutty look LOL

  4. Ron says:

    “Welcome, twilight soft and sweet.
    That breathes throughout this hallowed shrine
    Sweet pain of love, bind thou with fetters fleet
    The heart that on the dew of hope must pine…”

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