HEAR THIS: Ninja Man “Badman Law” (Bad Cowboy Riddim)

Man A Real Badman Listen Badman Lawninjaman

Ninja Man has been keeping himself very busy this year and seized every opportunity to remind DJs who is the baddest in the business. The airwaves still haven’t cooled off from the Don Gorgan’s last lyrical outing “Ninja Mi Ninja” (peep the video below) now today we get another tune cementing how bad Ninja really is, the appropriately titled “Badman Law.” Up to his usual tricks Ninja chats with his signature braggadocious flair even managing to give the Worlboss a shout out with:

“Me Mek Kartel Wear Brand In There, So All Gaza Fans Gwan Hang In There.” 

One thing is clear, Ninja Man hasn’t fallen off, and the rate he is going he’ll probably lay down his life before he lets anyone beat him in a clash. Run Tune After The Jump…

“Specialize in killing, Don Gorgon talking.” Squeeze off…

[audio:http://www.Boomshots.com/tunes/Badman Law.mp3]

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