WATCH THIS: Trevor Sax Digs In the Crates

Reasoning With The Selector for London’s Mighty Saxon Studio International
“I like to play the vinyls,” says Trevor Sax of Saxon Studio International. If you don’t believe him, you need to brush up your sound system history. Founded in 1976 as the Imperial Rockers, by Dennis Rowe and Lloyd ‘Musclehead’ Francis, the sound changed its name to Saxon Studio International two years later. They are a cornerstone of the UK reggae industry, shining a light on future stars like Peter King, Papa Levi, Tippa Irie, Smiley Culture, and Maxi Priest. Trevor Sax joined up in 1981. Our friends over at Animal New York tell us this may be Sax’s first interview ever, and we’ve got no reason to doubt them. “He gave us a glimpse into his vinyl collection, which is so massive that records are piled in virtually in every room. Some are even stowed away behind hidden panels, which Sax laughingly pried open with a butter knife to exclaim: More records!” You get the idea. It’s a UK fing. Video After The Jump…

(Via Animal New York)

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  1. Keith says:

    Trevor Allen aka Trevor sax is a prick and a freemason

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