WATCH THIS: Tommy Lee & Spartan Army “Real Bad Gyal” / “Di Creature” Official Video

Di Creature Is Coming—Beware!

Tommy Lee is back and this time he’s bringing his whole Spartan Army: Jimbo Sparta, plus Tabeta Cshae, Stylish, and Destiny. [Click through the gallery above to get familiar.] So what if the “army” consists of just one other dude plus three hot girls? They’re still an army—plus they’re all demons. The Spartan Army just dropped a new double-barreled video for “Real Bad Gyal” and “Di Creature,” the lead singles from UIM Records’ eerie new riddim. At the top of the video, Stylish, Destiny, and Tabeta rock zombie gear as they break down what it means to be a “Real Bad Gyal,” from busting guns to, um, biting necks. (Sidebar: Did you ever make love to a demon?) In the second half of the clip, Tommy Lee and his sparring partner Jimbo Sparta take it back to the future on “Di Creature,” which looks more like a summer blockbuster than a typical music video. Actually it’s like watching a midnight movie double feature at the multiplex in less than five minutes: First a sexy lady vampire saga followed by an epic outer-space laser-beam battle flick. Gozu Musiq and Mental Chung Creative Lab took things to the next next level here. Just don’t let the scary masks and special effects fool you, Sparta ah no plaything. “We appear like Katrina / Worse than Hiroshima.” (Click Video After The Jump…


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