Kartel Found Not Guilty in First Murder Case

The Werlboss Has Beaten The First Case—One More To Go

Vybz Kartel is one step closer to being set free on themurder charges. Days after deliberating in Jamaica’s Home Circuit Court, Judge Bryan Sykes has denied the motion to review statements from two witnesses. Since the trial began, reports have surfaced that the prosecution’s arguments have been weak and Judge Sykes has stated that not enough action was taken to locate other witnesses. Details After The Jump…

At present, the prosecution team is not allowed to present any other evidence in the case and this morning the jury ruled in Kartel’s favor. The journey has been a long one as Kartel and two associates prepared to go to trial this past year for the murder of Jamaican businessman Barrington Burton. One down and another to go as the Werlboss still awaits trial proceedings from a separate murder case.

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