Lianne La Havas Jazzes It Up In Tobago

UK Singer Songwriter Reconnects With Her Caribbean Roots

Though her mother’s side of the family is Jamaican, London-born Lianne La Havas had never been to the Caribbean before she performed at this year’s Tobago Jazz Experience. Although the tropical weather forced a rain delay, the 24-year-old folk and soul singer rallied back on the final night of the festival with a solo set that filled the Tobago evening with intoxicatingly sweet sounds. (If you’re not yet up on the self-described “shinger, shongwriter and guitarisht” go ahead and check her debut Is Your Love Big Enough, which was voted last year’s iTunes Album of the Year.) Shortly after stepping off the stage at Pigeon Point, Lianne told Reshma B that she wants to be play strictly Caribbean dates from now on. And can you really blame her? Video After The Jump…

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