HEAR THIS : Congo Natty “UK Allstars” Machinedrum Remix

This One Really Is Like a Bullet
“Last year we sick but this year we iller.” Ohhh YES! What better way to describe the Machinedrum Remix of Congo Natty’s “UK Allstars”? This single off the forthcoming Jungle Revolution LP (Big Dada) is an insane mash up of culture lyrics in a jungle stylee. Remixes can either be good or shit and this one blows the roof! As the lyrics state: “Go deh Congo Natty, yuh a big selector,” and really how else could he bring together this All Star line up of UK legends Tenor Fly, Top Cat, General Levy, Tippa Irie, Sweetie Irie and Daddy Freddy? Everyone on this production was in some next place. It’s a blast of the sound that comes come off the London streets and if you’re sleeping on jungle in 2013 this should wake you up to what the UK has goin’ on. Audio and Video After The Jump…

Check the remix right here.

Now peep the official video of the original mix—maad ting!

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