WATCH THIS: I-Shawna “Murderer” Official Video

Hell Hath No Fury Like The Princess of the Dancehall Scorned

Ever since Downsound Records’ “In Memories” riddim dropped last October, I-Shawna’s “Murderer” has emerged as a standout selection. The song is something different for the Princess of the Dancehall, who’s better known for songs like “Legendary” and “Do For Love,” her duet with Specialist. “Murderer” hits back at domestic violence and the callous disregard some men show for their girls feelings. Just check the new video (and exclusive Boomshots interview)  you’ll see that I-Shawna is not standing for any nonsense. Video After The Jump…

I-Shawna Chats to Reshma B  Backstage at Sting 2012

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