WATCH THIS: Beenie Man & Sean Paul “Greatest Gallis” Official Video

The Sneak Preview Riddim’s Superstar Collabo Finally Gets A Video

Every once in a while, a juggling drops that stacked from top to bottom with certitifed boomshots. Claims Records’ Sneak Preview Riddim is one of those. From the big artists like Mavado to the rising stars like Chase Cross, every cut on the juggling is a must-play. But the Beenie Man / Sean Paul collabo “Greatest Gallis” just kinda stands out for obvious reasons. I mean, when’s the last time these two dancehall superstars joined forces on one tune? Not since that Neptunes track “Boss Man,” and you know that was a classic too. Not sure why the video took so long to drop. Probably Beenie and Sean’s schedules were fully booked. Of course once you get those two on a video set, the girls just seem to roll out. Video After The Jump…Run that…

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