HEAR THIS: Stacious “Grooving”

The Gangstress Gets Her Groove On
It feels like a minute since we heard something from Stacious, but whenever she drops something u know it’s gonna be worth a listen. And when the song starts with a line like “Me too hot, round and fat—every man just a beg to whine on dat,” you’ve got to let the whole song roll! Then comes “grooving all night next to you I bubble up me body if you whan me to” and it sounds like she’s been practicing her singing voice! Stacious is good and bad (very good) all wrapped up in one one this track from SoUnique records. So if you’re looking for a song to play in the bedroom that’s sexy but not too harsh then light the candles, turn down the lights, and get your “Grooving” on! Last time Stacious spoke with Boomshots, she said she had some new heat coming for 2013! Now we know just what she meant. Audio After The Jump…

“Come away with me tonight” Run that…

Reshma B reasons With Stacious…

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